Hello, yes, this blog needs a revival!  I've had trouble with Blogger allowing photos and am working to either resolve this or start a new blog elsewhere.  Stay tuned....

Where to Find Me

So it's quite obvious that my life lately has been too busy to keep up with a blog on a weekly basis.  While I do tend to blog regularly this whole moving across country thing has really cut into my fun.  Not to mention the fact that I do have a vanilla job.  So before I embark on a short business trip paired with the second and final phase of moving my entire 35 years across country I thought I'd offer up a few other ways to keep in contact with me.  But don't worry if you prefer blogs, I will be blogging regularly later this summer and after I switch blogging platforms (of course Blogger still can't seem to fix the problem with this blog not being able to upload more pictures which dampens my creativity).  So here's two really good ways to find me:

To keep up with my daily shenanigans and such I suggest following me on Twitter @CalionTwitt
To see more about myself, photos, events, etc. I suggest FetLife: CaliKatarina. 

Dom Con, Catching Up

Last weekend I went to Dom Con.  This was my first Dom Con and what a blast!  I plan on going to Dom Con East in Atlanta this fall too.  I met so many nice people and learned so much.  At the vendor fair there was a merchant selling electro-stimulation kits and I plan to get the one with the electric cane!  Wouldn't it be fun to get a caning that did more than just sting?!  ;-)  I'd share some pictures but Blogger still isn't allowing me to post pics for whatever reason.  I'm thinking of switching this blog to Wordpress.

Since I lead a regular vanilla life like most of you, when I got back I had tons of work to get caught up on.

In my spare time this past weekend I didn't get to any BBQ's, rather I was out looking at finding a permanent (and better) place to live.  Of course when I returned to work after the long weekend I learned that I'll be going back to California mid-June - for about 2-3 weeks.  If I can make it work out, I plan on getting the rest of my belongings that I left behind in Tahoe and making another cross-country trip.  It always seems that whenever I make a trip across country I'm in a hurry to get where I'm going, in this case back to the DC area, especially since I'll be gone for so long.  I'd like to take my time just once to enjoy the trip.  Ah, I guess that's saved for retirement.  Right now I'll save my leisure time for spanking naughty bottoms :-)

Ok, that ends this rather impromptu blog post.  I haven't had much time to put into something more intellectually stimulating but thought it'd be nice to at least provide an update so you wouldn't think I disappeared off the face of the earth.  If you're interested in booking a session in the DC area before I leave, I depart on June 11th. If you're in Northern California and want to book a session while I'm out there, just send me an email.

All Settled In

Just a quick update to say that I'm all settled in.  I'll be back to regular blogging next week. 

I'm Moving!

I'm excited to announce that I am moving to the Washington, D.C. area!  I expect to be settled in and taking sessions by April 25th.  Not only am I excited to be permanently stationed in the D.C. area and taking sessions on a regular basis, but moving to the East Coast will enable me to travel more frequently to other East Coast cities, so if you don't live in the D.C. area let me know and I can start planning a trip (likely to your nearest big city).  I already have client requests so if you'd like to book your session in advance you can email me ahead of time.  I'm so excited I could burst to be relocating your way!  For my West Coast friends, no worries, I expect to be making regular trips back out here as well - in fact I have a trip planned in May to the LA area.  See you all soon, and I'll be sure to bring warmer weather and lots of that California sunshine with me!